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Prof. Dr. med. dent. Tilman Fritsch

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Tilman Fritsch studied dentistry in Germany and Finland and founded his first dental practice in Bayerisch Gmain in 1997, focusing on metal-free and low-toxin treatment. This was followed by other practices specialising in endodontics, implantology and CMD (temporomandibular joint diseases) throughout Europe. He was president of IGMZI (International Society for Metal-Free Dentistry and Implantology) and invented the first metal-free hybrid implant and special detoxification media. He is a specialist in laser phototherapy, mitochondrial therapy and environmental medicine, which he teaches as NAM dentistry along with new approaches to the therapy of civilization diseases and humanity. NAM dentistry is taught as a university certificate at the Gesundheitscampus Luzern as well as in Warsaw and Moscow (Sechenov University) and expanded internationally via branches.


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