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Dr. med. Amir Fakhr Attar

Amir Fakhr Attar, PhD (born 1982), is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine with additional qualifications in acupuncture and ear acupuncture. He has been working in the rehabilitation department of the University of Jondi Shahpoor, Ahvaz (Iran) in a leading position since 2012 in addition to his work in his own rehabilitation clinic, which was founded 5 years ago in Ahvaz.

Dr. Attar uses combined therapeutic approaches of laser and laser field therapy as well as acupuncture for severe and complicated diseases. He is also active in these fields as a researcher, lecturer and speaker. He is particularly interested in the effects of resonance-modulated laser light on the cellular and energetic metabolism. Dr. Attar is also a specialist in the fields of auricular medicine and implant acupuncture. To date, he has treated several thousand patients with mainly musculoskeletal and psychological disorders with great success.



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