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Interview with Prof. Praveen Arany on the potencial of PBM

PBM can be used to selectively form bone, dentin, cement, cartilage and other tissues. Treatment of mucositis with PBM will become both preventive and therapeutic standard treatment.

Prof. Dr. Tilman Fritsch interviews Prof. Dr. Praveen Arany (President of WALT, BDS, MDS, MMsc, PhD, University of Buffalo, NY, USA)

The topics of this interview are among others:

1) With the help of PBM one can, for example, very specifically direct the differentiation of dental and mesodermal stem cells. One can selectively form either bone, dentin or cement and cartilage as well as other tissues.
2) PBM has an enormous importance for prevention, the best example is the prevention and therapy of mucositis.
3) Photobiomodulation has the potential to revolutionize healthcare.

Questions to Prof. Arany are among others:

1. can we use laser therapy to differentiate polypotent stem cells in a controlled way?
2. can we keep them stable in the body environment?
3 What does the biophysical perspective of PBM say about this topic?
4. do the different cell types require different doses of light?
5. how does light interact with the biochemical structures of the cell?
6. can light interact with other electromagnetic fields?
7. what importance does PBM have for prevention (the leading example here is mucositis)?
8. what does "light hygiene" mean for prevention?
9. there are dose thresholds for light exposure. How can this be ensured?
10. What is the significance of the concept of light as a medicine, as a "photoceutical"?

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