Also animals have teeth....

The book on PBM/laser therapy in dentistry by Jan Tunér and Tilman Fritsch can be easily transferred to the animal sector.

You will find here many indications (teeth and masticatory apparatus), which also shape the everyday life of veterinarians and animal therapists. The therapy protocols consist of text and graphic instructions and are also documented according to the latest state of science.

The transmission logic for veterinary medicine follows the anatomical differences and is therefore self-evident. The dose, on the other hand, must of course be adjusted. As a rough guideline one can recommend a doubling of the dose with large animals such as horses and cattle, a comparable dose with the dog and a halving of the dose with the cat.

Laser phototherapy in dentistry
Jan Tunér, Tilman Fritsch
200 pages, softcover
Fuechtenbusch P&E

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Laser-Phototherapy in Dentistry




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