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Workshop PBM in Dentistry

Pictures from the workshop PBM in dentistry from May 03 to 05 at the NAM Centre, Bayerisch Gmain near Salzburg with the developer and PBM expert Charles Breda.

The NAM principle in dentistry starts from the oral cavity as a crucial locus for the health of our body. The mouth is a neurological-anatomical-metabolic switching point, a relay for essential settings in the direction of health and homeostasis and disease/misregulation.
Immunological diagnoses and procedures as well as support procedures such as physiotherapy and even psychosomatics play a particularly important role in this approach.
PBM plays a central role in this forward-looking approach as a side-effect-free and effective accompanying procedure for many oral cavity disorders.

The workshop discussed the sub- and intracellular mechanisms of PBM with a focus on dentistry. Participants were dentists, physiotherapists, general practitioners and psychologists. It was led by Charles Breda and Tilman Fritsch.


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