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Here you will find interesting interviews with leading PBM dentists.

WALT Interviews Prof. Chandrashekar Yavagal

Prof. Chandrashekar Yavagal
How can PBM/photobiomodulation therapy be integrated into the training of dentists?

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WALT Interviews Prof. Praveen Arany

Prof. Praveen Arany:
Photobiomodulation in dentistry - Where does research stand?

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WALT Interview Prof. Raj Nair

Prof. Raj Nair
Oral health and Oral Oncology - What is the significance of PBM?

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Prof. P. Arany: Stem cell differentiation and regeneration of tissue by PBM

Prof. Praveen Arany gives an overview of the state of research on the potential of PBM to regenerate tissue. The focus is on dentistry as a prime example.

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Talk: Dosage, new indications, cost savings through PBM....

Dr. Jan Tunér and the engineer Andreas Heltschl talk about important questions on PBM in dentistry, e.g:
1. What is the best dosage?
2 Which new indications are most promising?
3. Cost reduction potencial in the treatment of mucositis and other diseases

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