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Kooperation mit dem Verein für wissenschaftliche Akupunktur im Iran

Kooperation mit dem Verein für wissenschaftliche Akupunktur im Iran

Der erste Ausbildungsabschnitt in Ohrakupunktur, Laser-Feld-Therapie und Implantatakupunktur in Teheran mit Dr. Volkmar Kreisel am 08.-10.03.2018 (Organisation: Reza Ahmadian/ IHA Medical).

lllt news • 20.03.2018

congress of ISLA in Bangok 2017

Convention 2017 of ISLA in Bangok

convention 2017 ISLA in Bangok with Vokmar Kreisel, Michael Grandjean and friends.

lllt news • 17.12.2017

Spectacular news from the laser acupuncture front in Singapur

Spectacular news from the laser acupuncture front in Singapur

Ear acupuncture respectively aurikulo medicine is an application form of low level laser therapy. The auricle is the most precise and effective microsystem known, profiting additionally from the short reflex pathways to the brain. Now, finally, there is an unexcelled reference for the multitude of points at the ear and thereby the potential to utilize this extraordinary microsystem for maximal therapeutic effects: The first-hand chart THE NEW EAR ACUPUNCTURE.

lllt news • 01.09.2017

Success with transcranial LLLT in Patients with DOC

The department Neurological Rehabilitation of the university clinic Charité in Berlin/Germany (Prof. Dr. med Stefan Hesse, Dr. Cordula Werner) published their new study on the effects of Near Infrared Lasertherapy (NI-LT) in severe cases of DOC (Disorders of Consciousness). Disorders of consciousness are caused by craniocerebral traumas (traumatic brain injury), hypoxia and stroke.

lllt research • 18.04.2016

Laser acupuncture for treating musculoskeletal pain

An exciting review has been released featuring 33 studies designed to evaluate the effects of laser acupuncture on pain and functional outcomes when it is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders. A recent report estimated that 1.7 billion individuals globally are affected by various kinds of musculoskeletal problems, and highlighted the considerable impact of chronic pain and disabilities upon these individuals.

The key findings in the review support the continued use of laser acupuncture for treating musculoskeletal pain.

laser acupuncture • 23.02.2016

Laserakupunktur und innovative Lasermedizin

Laserakupunktur und innovative Lasermedizin

Prof. Dr. Litscher und Dr. Frank Bahr

Zum internationalen Jahr des Lichts haben wir noch eine Neuerscheinung zum Thema: In diesem Grundlagenwerk von Prof. Bahr und Prof. Litscher, beide Koryphäen der klassischen Akupunktur, erfahren Sie die wissenschaftlichen Hintergründe und auch die praktische Anwendung der Laserakupunktur.

Das Buch ist im September 2015 bei Urban & Fischer Verlag/Elsevier GmbH erschienen und über Amazon erhältlich.

lllt new release • 27.11.2015

Low Level Lasertherapie – Grundlagen und Praxis moderner Photomedizin

Low Level Lasertherapie – Grundlagen und Praxis moderner Photomedizin

von Wolfgang Bringmann

Der Klassiker von Wolfgang Bringmann „Low Level Lasertherapie – Licht kann heilen“ hat seit 2000 vier Auflagen erlebt. Wolfgang Bringmann gilt in Deutschland als einer der führenden Experten auf dem Gebiet der LLLT. Er hat ihr Potenzial bereits in 1990-er Jahren erkannt und seither unzählige Beobachtungsstudien zu den unterschiedlichsten Anwendungen durchgeführt und dokumentiert.
lllt new release • 18.09.2015

Don’t be confused: class 4 lasers are not LLLT!

Class 3 and, for the past few years, class 4 lasers have been available on the laser therapy market. What’s the difference? Which are better?

Low-level laser therapy means light therapy with c o l d, low-energy and coherent light. This light is safe, because it does not heat the tissue. Therefore it belongs to laser class 3B! Here light is discharged in the milliwatt range (up to a maximum of 500 mW). More …

lllt forum • 28.07.2015

Professor Pekka Pöntinen

In memoriam

The great pioneer of Laser Acu­punc­ture is no more!

Professor Pekka Pöntinen, MD, PhD, 1932 - 2015 will be widely missed!

By Felix Kramer, Switzerland

Pekka Pöntinen lived in Tampere, Finland, was married and had 5 children and 5 grandchildren, he spoke and taught fluently in Finnish, German, Swedish and English and was widely appreciated for his many years of international experience in teaching and applying Laser in Acupuncture.
lllt news • 02.07.2015

Medizinische Low-Level-Lasertherapie – Grundlagen und klinische Anwendung

Medizinische Low-Level-Lasertherapie – Grundlagen und klinische Anwendung

von Hans Michael Weber, Robert Weber und Martin Junggenauer

Das über 700 Seiten umfassende Buch der ISLA-Research Group (ISLA=International Society of Laser Applications) ist die deutlich erweiterte 2. Auflage seiner Vorgängerversion von 2014. Das Buch ist nach den verschiedenen Anwendungstechniken der LLLT gegliedert.
lllt new release • 15.06.2015

Laser Phototherapy – Clinical practice and Scientific Background

The classic in LLLT-Literature is now available in an updated edition

"The New Laser Therapy Handbook" from Lars Hode and Jan Tunér is the classic in the field of LLLT. The scientific documentation about the effects of Laser Phototherapy is rapidly increasing, with some 250 new scientific papers published annually on PubMed.

There was therefore a need for an updated version of this popular book. Now Prima Books is offering an updated version with 960 pages and 2500 scientific references and with a new title.
lllt new release • 01.03.2015

Laser therapy in the treatment of the eye!

New studies on LLLT in the treatment of eye diseases create a sensation

In the past two years studies on an area of application of LLLT have been published that was previously absolutely taboo. Direct irradiation of the eye had been considered the ultimate contraindication since the beginning of LLLT.

Now this taboo has been broken, and there are signs in research that eye diseases may become significant indications of LLLT in the future.
lllt research • 01.09.2014

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