Spectacular news from the laser acupuncture front in Singapur

Ear acupuncture respectively aurikulo medicine is an application form of low level laser therapy. The auricle is the most precise and effective microsystem known, profiting additionally from the short reflex pathways to the brain. Now, finally, there is an unexcelled reference for the multitude of points at the ear and thereby the potential to utilize this extraordinary microsystem for maximal therapeutic effects: The first-hand chart THE NEW EAR ACUPUNCTURE.

Prof. mult. h. c. China Dr. med. Frank Bahr, the world-known pioneer of ear acupuncture, has summarized his research over the past 40 years in a reference chart of ear points and zones. The chart has been presented first time at the World Congress for Ear Acupuncture in August 2017 in Singapore and recognized as ultimate highlight in the history of ear acupuncture.

The new chart includes first time also new points for the psyche, the metabolism, the pain memory, new indicator points and primary energetic points, all of which are unknown in China up to now and have been consumed with curiosity and excitement by the chinese colleagues (Dr. Bahr is Honorary president oft he TCM university of Nanjing).

The chart is available at Languages: German, Englisch, Chinese (soon: French, Persian)


  • 1 Prof. Dr. Bahr with Prof. Zhao Baixiao, president of  the TCM-university in Beijing and Dr. Terry Oleson, training manager of The Auriculotherapy Certification Institute, USA.
  • 2 Prof. Dr. Bahr with Prof. Zhao Baixiao, president of the TCM-university in Beijing
    cooperative partner with Bahr/EATCM
  • 3 Prof. Dr. Bahr with Prof. Xiang Ping, formerly dean of the largest TCM-university of China in Nanjing with 25.000 students

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