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Find the acupuncture points on horses

Peter Rosin shows all tips and tricks for the fast, safe localization of the most important points on the horse and dog (separate tutorials).

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Laser Acupuncture and Innovative Laser Medicine

Medicine without any matter in the traditional meaning? Merely implementing laser light, therefore without any adverse effects of pharmaceuticals – what a splendid enhancement of the medical potentials!Even better, the highly effective laser acupuncture is completely free of pain and preferred to traditional acupuncture with needles by many patients.

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Laser Therapy – A Clinical Manual

The manual offers a perfect introduction on how to work efficiently with Laser-Phototherapy.

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Acupuncture in Dogs and Cats – Tutorial 1

Peter Rosin shows you the easy way to find the correct location of the most used acupuncture points for therapy and diagnosis in small animal acupuncture (dog).

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Laser Therapy and Laser Puncture in Dogs and Cats

Low level laser therapy is a scientifically recognized treatment method which has proven itself over decades and is today being increasingly and successfully applied in the treatment of small animals.

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Laser Therapy and Acupuncture on Horses

Laser therapy and acupuncture are energetic treatment methods which complement each other well and are also utilized successfully in equine therapy today.

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Laser Acupuncture (Human)

Laser acupuncture integrates thousands of years of experience of traditional Chinese medicine and modern high-tech phototherapy in one of the most exciting medical techniques of today.

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Laser Therapy and Laser puncture

Low level laser therapy activates and speeds up healing processes and is successfully used today in nearly all medical fields of specialty as an independent therapy or in combination with acupuncture and reflex point treatment.

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