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Laserfield Therapy

Laser field therapy is the form of laser frequency therapy developed by COLLL. Laser light can be frequency-modulated or pulsed. In addition to photobiological therapy, natural frequencies resonate with the electromagnetic body fields and transmit healing impulses to other axes of the physical organization. Today, the effects of laser frequency therapy can partly be explained with the help of quantum biology, but they have so far only been scientifically investigated to a limited extent.


Our seminar events are subject-specific and offer, in addition to training in theory and practice, personal contact and exchange with lecturers and colleagues. With some seminar series it is possible to obtain a training certificate. Overnight stays are also possible at the event locations.


We offer our e-learning courses as webinars or video courses. Webinars take place live at a fixed time as a video conference. They take part via the Internet and can communicate directly with the lecturers.

Participation in video courses can be divided according to your time options. The courses consist of several lessons with training videos and accompanying material.

Certified training

Some of our seminars, webinars or video courses offer the possibility of certified training, at the end of which you can take an exam. If you pass the exam, you will receive a personal training certificate.


The tutorials are subject-specific compilations of short videos, in which experts demonstrate practical applications. By dividing it into short video sequences, you can quickly find the right topics.


You can download our books as eBooks in PDF format.

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PRO membership at COLLL

As a member, in addition to access to specialist forums, you will receive exclusive information material, discount offers for training events and a COLLL membership certificate.

Laser frequencies

The frequencies of the COLLL are all natural resonances such as brain waves, ontogenetic frequencies or natural vibration patterns such as the PURR sweep. They have been researched over many years by COLLL's research team. Special frequency programs have been developed for this purpose, in particular

  • the SWEEPS
    Unlike individual frequencies, sweeps are natural frequency spectra.
  • the FI-BANDS
    Frequency bands integrate effective frequencies to a "theme" such as bone tissue.
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