Workshop Multispectral Photobiomodulation (m-PBM)

Systems for photobiological modulation using multiple, synchronously applied wavelengths represent a new development in PBM technology. The COLLL offers a first seminar on the background and application areas in Bayerisch Gmain near Salzburg/ Austria on 04 May 2019.

Multispectral light for pain therapy, rehabilitation and photopsychiatry (among others)

The effects of light on body and psyche are amazing. What science has found out over the last 10 years is hardly known. Special biological light communicates with mitochondria, the energy source of the body, and also regulates signal transmission in the cell matrix. Light can thus influence complex metabolic processes at their origin. Today, a wide variety of medical disciplines and non-medical users benefit from this universal mechanism. In our introductory seminar we will give you an overview of the medical applications of biological light. How does it influence/modulate both body and psyche? What does science say? For this purpose we present a modern multispectral PBM (m-PBM) device, which simultaneously provides us with different wavelengths in high density, which we can combine differently depending on the target effect.

image license: shutterstock

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