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Laser Field therapy for veterinary therapists

We regularly offer seminars with a focus on "treatment with laser frequencies" for veterinary medicine.

Laser field therapy is an additional technique of photobiomodulation. Both the energetic mechanisms of PBM and other effects of communication with information fields are used in this composite approach.
Before one considers the various resonance frequencies and their possible applications, it is important to understand how the two approaches intertwine in this method and how their proportions can be weighted. Photobiomodulation itself is already a form of information medicine, since some of the mechanisms of action cannot be explained photomechanically alone. This is why experience with the effect of PBM independent of all additional frequencies is so important and a prerequisite for the sensible use of laser field therapy.

In each of our seminars we discuss this distinction carefully.
Then we discuss selected frequencies in detail: How do they work, when do they work and what are the areas of application? Practical exercises with our animal patients follow:
Both horses and small animals cooperate wonderfully. In contrast to humans, we can recognize very quickly how special frequencies are accepted and which are unsuitable. Many animals give clear signals and lean into the treatment or they move away and become nervous. The perception for the effectiveness of laser field therapy develops quickly through experience.

Laser field therapy can be the tip of the iceberg on the scales when PBM alone no longer leads to the desired result. You don't even have to cross the entire cosmos of the many resonance frequencies. Even if you only have a few universal resonance frequencies in your luggage, you are well positioned. This is also the content of our basic seminar.


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