MKW laser system standardizes LFT

The frequency programs of the COLLL become new standard software of the Laser Powertwin21+ and LA-X of the manufacturer MKW Laserystem.

The frequency programs of the COLLL are now available for the Powertwin21 and the LA-X (MKW lasersystem, Germany). The new software contains 13 so-called frequency-integrated bands, 5 sweeps, the Ccanio program and the solfeggio frequencies. The FI bands carry sequentially integrated frequencies for 13 selected applications and are named after them (e.g. REGENERATION, PAIN, INTERFERENCE, INNER CENTER, TRAUMA, DETOX, INFECTION, TRANSCRANIUM etc.). The bands and the special sweeps were intensively tested by the COLLL research team and many frequency therapists. All programs are available from the company MKW-Laserersystem (www.mkw-laser.de).

Only together with the software there is the new 70-page booklet POCKETGUIDE LASER FREQUENCIES with short profiles of all laser frequencies (NOGIER-, BAHR-, ORGAN-, RIFE-Frequencies, FI-BANDS, SWEEPS, CRANIO-PULSING), indication lists for all programs (human and veterinary) and precise instructions for the application (when? and where?) of all well-tried and new programs.


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