A study on the ALPHA sweep

A small study by Dr. Volkmar Kreisel investigated the influence of the ALPHA sweep – a COLLL program – on the parasympathetic nervous system in humans.

The ALPHA sweep over the solar plexus influences the sympathetic and parasympathetic tone.

The study investigated the effect of the ALPHA sweep (8-13 Hz) over the solar plexus in humans compared to pure treatment with cw (continuous wave). The application significantly reduces sympathetic tone and slightly increases parasympathetic tone.
The study is published in the book "Laser-Feld-Therapie - die Pioniertechnik der Laser-Phototehrapie mit der neuen Generation von Resonanzfrequenzen" by V. Kreisel, A. Füchtenbusch, P. Rosin. Here we give a short summary.

Application Monitoring Alpha Sweep
1. Test group:
9 subjects - no previous illnesses known - no regular medication - average age 47 yrs -> laser: MKW PowerTwin 21+ - power: 2100 mW (21 x 100 mW)
2. Treatment duration: 10 min
3. Total energy dose per treatment with Alpha Sweep: 630J
-> laser field application over the solar plexus
4. Measured parameters:
Measurement of 520 R-R intervals while sitting before, during and after laser field therapy
-> Measurement parameters - HF, SI, RMSSD, Alpha 1, SDNN
5. Measurements
1. output measurement after 10 min rest phase
2. measurement during cw laser field therapy
3. measurement after cw laser field therapy
4. measurement during Alpha Sweep Laser Field Therapy
5. measurement after alpha sweep laser field therapy
6. Evaluation
-> Calculation of mean values for all measurement parameters Evaluation
7. Results:
-> heart rate about the same
-> Parasympathetic tonus slightly increased
-> sympathetic tonus significantly reduced (approx. 50%)
-> Regulation slightly increased (interpretation)
8 Discussion:
-> Laser field therapy influences the VNS
-> Reduction of sympathetic tone by laser field therapy with cw or Alpha Sweep -> Laser field therapy with Alpha Sweep seems to attenuate the sympathetic tone more strongly than cw laser field therapy
-> Laser field therapy with Alpha Sweep seems to additionally stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.
-> further investigations are necessary - larger number of cases - possibly defined load before measurements - investigation of further sweeps and FI bands

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