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Here you will find information on events and training courses organised by COLLL and its partners.
For more information, please refer to the special application field you are interested in.

FB Group PBM in neurorehabilitation and psychiatry

COLLL maintains a forum for colleagues in the fields of neurology, psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy on Facebook.

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Free Webinar on the treatment of tinnitus

Two PBM experts (Dr. Jan Tunér and Dr. Nelson Marquina) offer a free seminar on the treatment of somatosensory tinnitus with PBM.

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The Asian Academy of Lasertherapy accredits COLLL Associate Fellowship in Dentistry

Earn a Standard Proficiency Certification in Laser Dentistry from AALTand COLLL.org.

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Workshop Multispectral Photobiomodulation (m-PBM)

Systems for photobiological modulation using multiple, synchronously applied wavelengths represent a new development in PBM technology. The COLLL offers a first seminar on the background and application areas in Bayerisch Gmain near Salzburg/ Austria on 04 May 2019.

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COLLL cooperates with AALT

COLLL (College for Ligth medicine/ Laser-Phototherapy) and AALT (Asian Academy for Laser Therapy) have been partners since 2018. Both PBM training organizations are committed to WALT and jointly establish an international, science-oriented standard for training in PBM for the various disciplines.

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The peer Interviews with leading scientists of PBM

We interviewed the leading PBM researchers about their main research areas. You will find the WALT-interviews in the COLLL media center

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