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College for Photomedicine

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The Asian Academy of Lasertherapy accredits COLLL Associate Fellowship in Dentistry

Earn a Standard Proficiency Certification in Laser Dentistry from AALTand

At the end of 3 modules, the Doctor will be familiar with historical and modern concepts pertaining to dental and medical applications of Lasers, Laser Safety and Physics, Laser Tissue Interactions, all Laser Types (Hard tissue /Soft tissue /PBM/PDT) with their pertinent clinical applications in each branch of dentistry starting from Oral medicine ( OSMF, Leukoplakia, Lichen Planus,Cancer Mucositis, TMJ, MPDS, Craniofacial Pain) Oral surgery (Frenectomy, frenotomy, Vestibuloplasty, Canine exposures, crown lengthening, operculectomy, lesion escision) to Perio (Flapless / Non Invasive laser perio), Endodontics ( Single visits, failed RCT's etc), Pedo as well as Implantology! Additional training on Laser whitening and Non Head and Neck applications such as Physiotherapy and Advanced Pain Management..

Next batch starting in Bangalore/Hubli/Kochi on March 1st..

Total Fees: 75,000 (inclusive of all modules, clinical residency as well as academy examination fee)

For registration - NEFT/IMPS
Asian Academy of Laser Therapy:
Current Ac (1) KARNATAKA CHAPTER - 3162000100201001
IFSC - KARB0000316

Current Ac (2) KERALA CHAPTER - 50200019513233
IFSC - HDFC0001286

"Life is an eternal interaction between matter fields and energy (light) fields" Keeping this principle in mind, Asian Academy of Laser Therapy aims to maneuver Laser light to benefit biological tissues. The academy aims to equip health care professionals in the application of lasers in both, preventive and curative medicine in order to provide painless and holistic treatment to the patient"
Founded in 2013, the AALT is a professional membership association representing the changing face of Laser Science in Asia/ Middle east. As advocates for Advanced Laser care, the AALT promotes evidence-based policies and clinical guidelines; educates and informs policymakers, patients, guardians and other healthcare professionals; fosters research; and provides continuing professional laser education for practicing clinicians.

The mission of AALT is to advocate policies, guidelines and programs that promote optimal health through the use of Lasers and Allied Light Sources / Devices.

The vision of AALT is optimal care for children, adults and persons with special healthcare needs through the appropriate use of advanced technology pertaining to various LASERS & LIGHT Devices. AALT is the leader in representing advanced health interests of patients. An AALT Fellow and member is a recognized advanced laser care provider and resource for referral.

Am Ende von 3 Modulen wird der Arzt mit historischen und modernen Konzepten für dentale und medizinische Anwendungen von Lasern, Lasersicherheit und Physik, Laser-Gewebe-Wechselwirkungen, allen Lasertypen (Hartgewebe/Weichgewebe/PBM/PDT) mit ihren relevanten klinischen Anwendungen in jedem Bereich der Zahnmedizin, beginnend mit der Oralmedizin (OSMF), vertraut sein, Leukoplakie, Lichen Planus, Krebs-Mukositis, TMJ, MPDS, Kraniofaziale Schmerzen) Orale Chirurgie (Frenektomie, Frenotomie, Vestibuloplastie, Eckzahn-Expositionen, Kronenverlängerung, Operkektomie, Läsionsbegleitung) bis Perio (Lappenlos / Nicht-invasive Laserperio), Endodontie (Einzelbesuche, versagte RCT's etc.), Pedo sowie Implantologie! Zusätzliche Schulungen zu Laseraufhellung und Nicht-Kopf- und Halsanwendungen wie Physiotherapie und Advanced Pain Management....

Nächste Ausbildung beginnt in Bangalore/Hubli/Kochi am 1. März....

Gesamtgebühren: 75.000 (inklusive aller Module, Klinikaufenthalt sowie Akademieprüfungsgebühr)

Für die Registrierung - NEFT/IMPS
Asiatische Akademie für Lasertherapie:
Strom Ac (1) KARNATAKA KAPITEL - 3162000100201001
IFSC - KARB000000316

Strom Ac (2) KERALA KAPITEL - 50200019513233
IFSC - HDFC0001286


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