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15.07.2018 • Laserfield Therapy • Neurophotonics • Veterinary Medicine   ← Back to overview

A. Fuchtenbusch, P. Rosin, V. Kreisel

Laser Field Therapy

The pioneering technique of laser photo therapy with the next generation of resonance frequencies

Laser Field Therapy (LFT) is a new technique of laser photo therapy (LPT). In it, the primary resonance effects of LPT over the mitochondrial respiratory chain are combined with secondary effects through coherent information fields

Laser field therapy works with a completely new generation of natural resonance frequencies and new application techniques.

Besides photobiomodulation, the aim of LFT is to strengthen the body's own MEM fields, for which only natural resonances and so-called sweeps - i.e. physiological spectra and not individual frequencies - are used. In combination with the new systemic application techniques presented here for the first time, LFT extends the treatment spectrum of LPT by a new and exciting dimension, both therapeutically and diagnostically.

The team of authors has many years of therapeutic experience in human and veterinary medicine and heads the COLLL (College for scientific Laser Photo Therapy) and its research team, whose investigations and experience have been included in the therapy recommendations in this book.

290 pages

ISBN 978-3-9819466-3-5

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