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Here you will find interesting information about PBM technology and manufacturers of professional PBM equipment.
For more information you have to identify yourself as a member of a therapeutic profession and be a PRO-Member of COLLL.

FB Group PBM in neurorehabilitation and psychiatry

COLLL maintains a forum for colleagues in the fields of neurology, psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy on Facebook.

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New: tPBM and the Brain-group in Facebook

After the Virtual Summit on tPBMT and the Brain the congress organizer Dr Joe di Duro  opened the new FB group on the topic transcranial PBM and the brain.

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The guide for working with laser frequencies

For all those who want to use resonance frequencies in their therapy in addition to PBM, there is a new compass: The book "Laser Field Therapy - The pioneering technology of laser photo therapy with the new generation of resonance frequencies".

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