College for Laser Photo Therapy

Veterinary Medicine

Laser phototherapy in veterinary medicine

There is no other health care group that uses the potential of photobiological therapies as comprehensively and sustainably as animal therapists, animal physiotherapists and veterinarians. With a universal mechanism, laser therapy influences pain states, regeneration processes, functional limitations, degenerative developments and even performance and psyche.

Photo-Biomodulation - the mechanism at the source

Today, the term photo-biomodulation is used internationally for all procedures used in medicine that can influence the homeostasis of cell metabolism with light. Laser phototherapy, i.e. therapy with cold, coherent light, is the most effective method. It reaches, for example, the mitochondrial matrix and can calibrate the signal transmission, the concentration of oxygen radicals and the respiratory chain and thus strengthen the capacity for healing at the source of metabolism. 

Combined therapies

Laser light can also stimulate acupuncture points (laser acupuncture) and be pulsed (frequency therapy / laser field therapy). Many therapists in the veterinary field combine these approaches to photo-biomodulation.

We offer:

  • a certified training in photobiomodulation in veterinary medicine
  • various reference books and video tutorials on the application spectrum and application techniques
  • A membership in the collegium of COLLL with access to our login area with a large protocol database on all subject areas, case documentation, interviews, video tutorials and much more.
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