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On this page you will find examples of cases and applications of photobiomodulatory techniques in veterinary medicine.

Also animals have teeth....

The book on PBM/laser therapy in dentistry by Jan Tunér and Tilman Fritsch can be easily transferred to the animal sector.

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Find the acupuncture points in dogs

Peter Rosin shows all tips and tricks for the fast, safe localization of the most important diagnostic and therapeutic points on the dog.

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Multispectral PBM for the veterinary sector

Also for animals there is the whole phototherapeutic spectrum from violet to infrared for an extended therapy range in regeneration, traumatology, rheumatology, orthopedics, prevention and for vitality/performance.

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Workshop Multispectral Photobiomodulation (m-PBM)

Systems for photobiological modulation using multiple, synchronously applied wavelengths represent a new development in PBM technology. The COLLL offers a first seminar on the background and application areas in Bayerisch Gmain near Salzburg/ Austria on 04 May 2019.

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The guide for working with laser frequencies

For all those who want to use resonance frequencies in their therapy in addition to PBM, there is a new compass: The book "Laser Field Therapy - The pioneering technology of laser photo therapy with the new generation of resonance frequencies".

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A study on the ALPHA sweep

A small study by Dr. Volkmar Kreisel investigated the influence of the ALPHA sweep – a COLLL program – on the parasympathetic nervous system in humans.

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What are Laser-frequency sweeps?

We call certain frequency programs of the COLLL sweeps. The sweeps are not single frequencies, but elastic narrow frequency spectra, which correspond more to the natural conditions.

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Find the acupuncture points on horses

Peter Rosin shows all tips and tricks for the fast, safe localization of the most important points on the horse and dog (separate tutorials).

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MKW laser system standardizes LFT

The frequency programs of the COLLL become new standard software of the Laser Powertwin21+ and LA-X of the manufacturer MKW Laserystem.

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The story of a horse

The 18-year-old Haflinger stallion is completely paralyzed on the left side after a stroke, the left eye is blind. The clinic recommends euthanasia. Laser photo therapy brought him back into the race...

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